Heather Mack

Heather Mack

Journalist at MobiHealthNews

Print and radio journalist covering the technology and business aspects of health. UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, 2015.

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Open uri20131112 18068 1l799bu article

Porn and gambling, all in a day's work

SF Public Utilities Commission employees have been accused of watching porn and gambling on their work computers....

Open uri20131112 18068 u2nlv0 article

Supervisors to vote on Polk Street bar ban

Following numerous complaints from residents, legislation has been introduced to ban any new bars on Polk Street....

Open uri20131112 18068 1qwp88b article

Bay Area wetlands now even more special

In celebration of World Wetlands Day, several Bay Area wetlands officially became the nation's 35th "wetland of importance"....


Chronicle delivery­woman put the 'pee' in paper

One newspaper deliverywoman squats accused of chronically urinating in a Marina apartment building elevator....

Open uri20131112 18068 1r40rw4 article

Teacher pleads not guilty in sleeping pill scandal

The now-infamous Morgan Hill preschool teacher accused of giving her students sleeping pills pleaded not guilty today....

Open uri20131112 18068 xbainl article

Air-sparing bike sharing coming in August

Local air quality and transit officials are set to launch a $7 million bike-sharing program in August....

Open uri20131112 18068 1hbw4w9 article

Sonoma Coast welcomes new seal pups

Seal pup season has officially started with cute baby seals beginning to appear all along the Sonoma County Coast....

Open uri20131112 6722 kw978z article

State eyes second jobs on the taxpayer's dime

Holding multiple jobs is hardly a rarity these days. Most people who do so, though, aren’t collecting two state paychecks....

Open uri20131112 6722 101al3i article

Califor­nians united by our fault

Scientists are studying whether a massive quake could strike both Northern and Southern California in one fell swoop....

Open uri20131112 6722 1oqttoh article

San Rafael looks to get the homeless working

Bustling San Francisco and calm San Rafael have one unmistakable thing in common: homelessness....

Open uri20131112 6722 1d94pr3 article

End of the road for Golden Gate Bridge toll takers

The days of digging out cash and stopping at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza will soon be over....

Open uri20131112 6722 1exk1ok article

Defenseless parklet defaced by taggers

We’re still scratching our heads over why someone would go so far as to vandalize the brand-new Clement Street parklet....

Open uri20131112 6722 1x3l2i2 article

Smoothing out Point Reyes' winding roads

The National Park Service thinks it’s high time the roads that lead to Point Reyes get brought up to par....

Open uri20131112 6722 bq8tvs article

Pot farm poison suspected in owl deaths

UC Davis research suggests rat poison planted by pot farmers could be killing owls in Northern California....

Open uri20131112 6722 1x8h5ar article

Don't trash your park this Fourth of July

Nothing says love of country more than barbecue, beer and fireworks. But the post-party clean-up needs work....